Our Story

When chalk met cheese

Lincoln first met Simone at an end-of-year Dental School event in 2010 and was immediately captivated. However, as Simone was rather shy and frequently ran away mid-conversation, Lincoln didn’t manage to get her number and several months went by before the two met again.

Being the resourceful man that he is, Lincoln eventually managed to track down her number from a mutual friend and promptly organised a coffee catch up at the iconic café… Brunetti's on Lygon St. Initially, Lincoln thought it was strange that all Simone ordered was water but over the years he has grown to know and love her unique and quirky nature.

Experiencing most of his 20s with Simone by his side, Lincoln realised he had found his life-long companion and proposed at the top of the Grand Canyon in 2017. Whilst both were excited to tie the knot in Singapore last year, they cannot wait to celebrate their special day in their home city of Melbourne, together with their closest friends and family.