Wedding Party

Chloe Law

Maid of Honor

Chloe is Simone's younger sister and trusty sidekick. Don't let the ~7 year age gap fool you, these sisters are practically twins and do almost everything together - gymming, eating tacos, watching Overcooked walkthroughs to achieve 4 stars for each level, beating silver Lynels (if you know, you know) and chatting over a good gin and tonic after a crazy work week!

As an avid baker in her spare time, Chloe has been helping Simone find the perfect wedding cake as well as other delicious sweets for everyone to enjoy!

Fiona Chan


"Fi and Simon" have not only been friends since primary school, but are also god sisters. Their friendship blossomed throughout middle school as they navigated the challenges of Chinese School and tennis lessons, and bonded over Jay Chou and Twins.

Fiona's bubbly nature is guaranteed to make anyone laugh and smile, and she has been the power house behind organising Simone's bachelorette party.

Elizabeth Yu


"Liz" and Simone first met at Dental School in 2008 and quickly became friends. The two share many common interests, including a love for classical music, animals and staying home for a quiet night-in.

Liz is one of the most organised and intelligent people you'll ever meet, and having recently coordinated her own wedding, she has helped Simone stay sane throughout the whole wedding planning process.

Angelina Chootong


Angelina is originally from Ecuador and is Simone's closest friend from business school. Despite her slim physique, she is a true foodie and loves trying different cuisines from around the world.

We were so happy to hear that Angelina could make it to the wedding as she has been working in Tokyo for the last few years and will be returning to Australia in early March.

Derek Lee

Best Man

Lincoln was his best man in 2018 and Derek is back to return the favour. An avid soccer fan, Derek initially enlisted Lincoln as goalkeeper for his indoor soccer team during dental school. This, however, quickly turned into an on-field attacking duo that wreaked havoc in the Asian soccer league!

Their friendship grew stronger after graduation, with Derek calling Lincoln's living room his home for over 12 months when he would return to Melbourne from Shepparton each weekend. To this day, the two continue to enjoy long chats over expensive whiskey.

Phil Fulia


Always the joker, Phil is known for his big, cheesy smile and raucous laugh. Also a classmate of Lincoln's, these two get along like two peas in a pod. As the first to get married out of the group, Phil has embraced family life and occasionally drops some fatherly pearls of wisdom.

Whilst during uni days, Lincoln and Phil spent many evening enjoying the night life Melbourne had on offer, these days their catch-ups typically take place on an early Sunday morning at a local cafe.

Yin-nan Luong


Also hailing from Sydney, "Yini" and Lincoln forged a strong friendship in dental school. As both lived in Melbourne's inner city, their apartments became the go-to places to catch-up over the weekend, including rooftop barbecues and FIFA nights.
Whilst on the job hunt after graduation, they coincidentally both secured positions at the same dental practice. A few years later, Lincoln purchased the business and Yini remains one of Lincoln's most trusted friends and closest associate.

Shen Ooi


Shen and Lincoln have known each other for over 20 years, having attended James Ruse together. Residing in neighboring suburbs in Sydney, Shen and Lincoln shared the same bus ride home from school, talking nonsense to each other for 45 minutes most days.
Since moving down to Melbourne 3 years ago with his wife Julz (also a long-time high school friend), Shen and Lincoln have enjoyed catching up over brunch to discuss life, technology and the next big start-up idea.